The Maid of Artois recording (2007)

                             The Recording

This 2 CD set released on Campion Cameo 2042-3 includes a synopsis, 40 page libretto (with stage directions and abridged dialogue), essays on the composer and the production as well as an introduction by Richard Bonynge AO, CBE.

An article by Ray Walker on the preparation of the material and its recording can be found here and clips from the recording can be found below.

In addition, Victorian Opera Northwest has made available the following items:

- A full libretto (with dialogue) and appendix of material lost from the original production.

- The vocal score with background notes.

Both these and the Campion Cameo recording (2CDs) may be purchased from Victorian Opera Northwest, see the sales page.


The recording received excellent reviews from prestigious publications such as The Gramophone, Sunday Telegraph, and Opera Now. The recording was played on BBC Radio 3's CD Review Listening Booth on November 19, 2005 and was voted by listeners as the clear winner.  

The Irish Times review, September 1, 2006, said that "Those who buy this enterprising release will be rewarded with charming, lyrical music and a glimpse into a fascinating world of ballad opera now gone". 

"In quality of composition, performance and recording alike, this is the most convincing exposition of Balfe’s abilities I have ever heard."  Andrew Lamb, The Gramophone

"The presentation of the recording, its packaging, its sound quality, all are first-rate. As an example of resource, of clarity, of sheer resilience, Victorian Opera from its Northern fastness shows the inert Metropolis what can be done.."  Alexander Weatherson,  The Donizetti Society Newsletter.








Sans Regret



Count Saulnier

Kay Jordan

Stephen Brown

Jonathan Pugsley

George Hulbert

Rebecca Rudge

John Molloy

Adrian Lawson

John Elliott

Geoffrey Brocklehurst


Victorian Opera Northwest chorus and orchestra, conducted by Philip Mackenzie


Track and Number List

Clips from the recording are marked in bold below.. The numbers in brackets refer to the musical numbers in the score, a new edition of which was edited and prepared from the original manuscripts, by Dr Valerie Langfield.


CD 1




ACT I   The grounds of a Parisian Chateau

 2  (1)

 3  (2)



 4  (4)

 5  (4a)

 6  (5) 

 7  (6)

 8  (7)

 9  (8)



11 (9)

12 (9a)

13 (10)

14 (11)

15 (11a)

16 (12)




    Marquis, Sans R, Chorus   




   Sans R & Jules                   

   Coralie, Jules, Sans R, Men 




   Isoline, Women                 

   Isoline, Marquis                 

   Isoline, Marquis                 


   Jules, Isoline                   

   Isoline, Jules, Marquis, etc. 

   Marquis, Isoline, Jules, etc.


Chorus   Drink, boys

Recit.   The Rosy hours

…Cavatina   Then silly is the heart


Recit.   Oh, if at times

…Cavatina   My soul, in one unbroken

Duet   Here, take the contents

Trio   Then thus oppress’d

Chorus   The sigh from her heart

Recit.   My thoughts which forth

...Aria   The heart that once hath

Aria   Oh could I but that peace

Duet   Oh! leave me not

Duet   Oh, why should I weep

Aria   Yon moon o’er the mountains

Finale:Duet   What sounds are those I hear

Finale: Trio   My bosom with hope

Finale: Ensemble   Deceitful woman

Finale: Ensemble   Here take my life


CD 2

ACT II   A fort in British Guiana

1  (13)

2  (14)

3  (15)

4  (16)

5  (17)

6  (18)

7  (19)

8  (19a)

9  (19b)

10 (20)

11 (21)

12 (21a)

13 (22)

Men , Women and slaves  

Synnelet, Chorus             



Isoline, Jules, Nin, Syn, Chorus


Isoline & Jules                

Jules, Isoline                

Martin, Isol, Jules, Nin, Syn 

Chorus, Syn, Cent, Martin



Chorus, Marquis, Synnelet, etc.

Chorus   Here’s to the Soldier Lover

Aria   Was there ever known

Indian Dance   Allegro; presto

Aria   Oh! what a charm it is

Quartet & Chorus   From shore to shore  

Ballet    Divertissement; Pas de Deux

Duet   And do these arms

Duet   I have strength to bear

Ensemble   Five minutes are expired

Chorus   These joyous sounds upon the ear

Recit.   I gaze upon the stranger land

..Aria   The light of the other days is faded

Finale   Hail to the Chief  **


ACT III  In the Desert

14 (23)

15 (23a)

16 (24)

17 (25)

18 (26)



Isoline, Jules    


Isoline, Chorus

Recit.   The sounds which have pursued

...Aria   Oh, beautiful night  **

Duet   There’s blood upon his arm


Finale   The rapture swelling though my breast